Kristel Allen, MA

Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern #72498 2225 Union Street at Fillmore, San Francisco, CA  • map (415) 494-9618 While the body is sometimes a mystery, my work is rooted in a deep faith that, with awareness, our lives become vitally important and our relationships rich with freedom and possibility. Throughout the last 12 years I have been training in body-oriented therapies. I have a deep understanding of the nature of bodily tissue states that form who we are as individuals, and who we are when in relationship. I use sensory awareness, inquiry, Gestalt and Formative skills that lead to… Continue Reading This Article

Govinda Bader, MA

Marriage and Family Therapist Intern #78040 Ward St. at Telegraph Ave., Berkeley, CA 94705 • map 3974 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114 • map (415) 225-9666 MY APPROACH Living a human life is complex. The one constant that spans all facets of your life is your relationship to yourself. Whether you are struggling in your relationship to your partner, your career, your friends, your parents, your children, your sex life, your finances or anything else, your relationship with yourself is the one place in your life that you can shift that will impact everything else. Healing is about… Continue Reading This Article

Marissa Baumann, MA

Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern #76548 444 34th Street, Oakland CA, 94609 • map (510) 457-1064 I specialize in working with: Identity / life path challenges Couples issues – especially around negotiating relationship dynamics Depression Difficulties with motivation or mobilization Grief Family relationship patterns Relationship issues Boundary development and differentiation Body image Struggles with spiritual identity and practice Working with disabilities and disability management Academic challenges About Me Practical, warm, supportive, empathic, integrative of body and mind, active, drawing on multiple approaches, paying equal attention to both where you are and where you want to be. As a daughter… Continue Reading This Article

Larisa Blum, MA

Marriage and Family Therapist #89078 445 Bellevue Ave., Suite 5, Oakland, CA 94610 • map (510) 463-4619 I am a somatic therapist who focuses on relational, attachment and childhood trauma issues. I work with individuals and couples to address relationship ambivalence, co-dependence, anxiety, depression, major life transition, PTSD/trauma, shame/low self-esteem, poor communication and conflict, among other issues.  I help with building awareness of one’s thoughts, feelings and physical sensations to develop greater insight and to uncover new choices. While there are many varieties of therapy, ultimately their purpose is to support us in liberating ourselves from the angst that our… Continue Reading This Article

Aiyisha Castillo, MA

Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern #81992 1801 Bush St., San Francisco, CA 94109 • map (415) 347-9446 Therapeutic Relationship I believe healing, love and growth are possible in relationship. I believe the process for creating relationships takes time. We are complex, multidimensional beings with so much to offer and part of how I support you in creating the space you need is by inviting you to slow things down and deepen into yourself. We live in a culture that focuses on fast-paced rushing, at the expense of rich and meaningful experiences. This sense of urgency can be anxiety… Continue Reading This Article

Daniel Clifford, MA

Marriage and Family Therapist Intern #74870 2225 Union Street, Ste 3, San Francisco, CA 94123 • map (415) 830-5344 Change and growth occur from the day we are born until the day we leave this planet. This process takes shape and form in many ways. Most people come to see me because they are in the middle of change in their life: Death, Divorce, Job loss, Identity Shift, New Job, New Relationships, etc. Ultimately I feel I can act as a conduit and bridge for most anyone who is looking for the more fulfilling place on the other side… Continue Reading This Article

Normandy Daniels, MA

Marriage and Family Therapist Intern #76046 1231 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 • map 2340 Ward Street, Berkeley, CA 94705 • map (415) 735-1926 I believe that relating to you in an authentic, caring, and straightforward way is the most useful tool that I can offer as a therapist; I strive to be both transparent and supportive of your process at all times. In my work I integrate specific approaches including Mindfulness, Internal Family Systems, Gestalt, Somatic, and Relational work. If you would like more information on any of these approaches, please visit my website, Supervised by… Continue Reading This Article

Angie Di Natale, MA

Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee 2915 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way, Berkeley, Ca. 94703 • map (510) 473-2039 As a somatic therapist, I have deep respect for the inherent and organic wisdom that moves human beings toward healing and wholeness.  I find this wisdom in action when I help my clients work mindfully and somatically with the body.  The body is the container and the gateway to living life with more freedom and aliveness. My work is influenced by the Hakomi method, a combination of mindfully bringing attention to what is happening in one’s body-mind-spirit in the present moment.  I… Continue Reading This Article

Lisa Soto Dunlop, MA

Marriage and Family Therapist Intern #79383 1326 Church Street, San Francisco, CA 94114 • map (415) 692-1651 Suffering can be a doorway to happiness and fulfillment. In our distracted and achievement-oriented culture, it is often hard to find a sense of meaning and purpose in life. It can be hard to know how to deal with our feelings and experience of anxiety, depression, loneliness, trauma, loss, and other difficult experiences. The question is: what is the source of your pain or discomfort and what is it motivating you to discover in yourself? It is human and natural to seek… Continue Reading This Article

Shachar David Erez, MA

Marriage and Family Therapist Intern #78595 445 Bellevue Avenue, Ground Floor Suites 1-4, Oakland, CA 94610 • map (510) 730-0722 My Practice When it comes to relationships we live in confusing times. Gender roles are changing rapidly, and we hold high expectations of ourselves, our partners, and our relationships. Between making a living and living meaningfully, life can feel stressful and dull, and our relationship like a to-do list more than a loving exchange. This kind of struggle often stems from ignoring parts of ourselves that want to be expressed. Especially around masculinity and femininity. Many of us hold… Continue Reading This Article