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Our intern therapists are selected for their level of personal maturity and self-awareness as well as their competence as psychotherapists. They are often graduates of the holistic graduate psychology programs at JFK University, CIIS and other accredited graduate master’s psychology programs. Each is supervised by an experienced licensed psychotherapist. You will be in a relationship with a responsible, trustworthy professional backed up by on-going supervision, consultation and training.

Research shows that the most important factor in clients’ experience of successful therapy is the relationship they develop with their therapists.

San Francisco Bay Area Therapists

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Bianca Aarons, MA

San Francisco • 415-553-5346
Learning how to live a fulfilling life, which shifts, changes, and moves through conflict can be a lifelong process. There are those of us who are curious to learn more about ourselves, why we feel what we feel, how we could feel differently. I strive to understand what the therapy needs, I hope to create safety and containment within the therapy, and I hold a space that involves the relationship therapist-client relationship but is ultimately about the individual or the couple. Read More


Govinda Bader, MA

Berkeley & San Francisco • 415-225-9666
Living a human life is complex. The one constant that spans all facets of your life is your relationship to yourself. Whether you are struggling in your relationship to your partner, your career, your friends, your parents, your children, your sex life, your finances or anything else, your relationship with yourself is the one place in your life that you can shift that will impact everything else. Read More


Marissa Baumann, MA

Oakland • 510-457-1064
The practice of therapy is inspirational to me. It is an incredible joy to witness clients becoming more of their truest selves and really stepping fully into lives they want to live. My approach is holistic with a focus on relationship and what is happening for you now. I believe that by working with our experiences in the moment, we can impact the hurt and trauma of the past. Read More


Larisa Blum, MA

Oakland • 510-463-4619
I work with individuals and couples to address relationship ambivalence, anxiety, major life transition, depression, stuckness, conflict, poor communication and other issues. Together, we work to expand your awareness of thoughts, feelings and physical sensations to transform your experience into one of purpose, pleasure, joy, energy, and connection. Read More

Normandy Daniels, MA

Normandy Daniels, MA

San Francisco & Berkeley • 415-735-1926
I work with individuals and couples of all orientations, to support you in creating more secure and stable connections with yourself and others. My specialties include codependency, self-esteem, relationship difficulties, trauma, attachment, body image, social anxiety, and the healthy expression and regulation of emotions. I have a diverse practice and welcome individuals of all backgrounds. Read More

berkeley-therapistIsabel Diamond, MA

Berkeley • 510-761-8978
Life can be hard, and if you’re struggling it’s not your fault. You’re just human, and its OK to need some support. We can work together to help you feel better. In addition to working with individuals, I have specialized training to help couples make meaningful changes so they can deepen their connection. Let’s collaborate to transform your life. Read More

Susannah Harris, MA

Susannah Harris, MA

San Francisco & Oakland • 415-255-3305
My role as a psychotherapist is to help clients acknowledge and harness their innate strengths, to attain and sustain the well-being they are searching for. I am passionate about gently questioning unspoken norms and expectations, whether learned from family or society, that can limit our ability to connect with our most authentic selves. I empower clients to take supported risks, guiding the therapy with empathy, honesty, humor, and a belief in the transformative power of relationships. Read More

Emily Haydock, MA

Oakland • 510-473-7403
Clarity, growth, and connectedness are our natural tendencies. However, life’s challenges can cause us to feel temporarily clouded, stuck, or disconnected. When these blocks get in your way, what do you do? Who do you turn to? If you want to return to a state of openness and flow and make lasting changes in your life, I can help. Together we can explore your past memories alongside your embodied experience in the present moment as inroads to self-discovery and healing. Read More

GH Profile Pic

Ryan Hoffman, MA

Berkeley • 510-779-2633
The complex demands of daily life in the Bay Area can activate adaptive strategies that cause further pain. Amazingly, the natural healing capacity of the human being runs so deep that even the parts of ourselves that are causing us difficulty can guide us toward becoming more whole. Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Compulsions, Obsessions, Stagnation, Rage, Fear, Going Numb – are all attempts to communicate misalignment somewhere within the system. Read More


Emily Howard, MA

San Francisco • 415-255-2604
My own experience with depression and anxiety led me to this work, and for that I am grateful. Psychotherapy has given me the opportunity to examine the story I have been telling as my own from new and different perspectives. I have had the opportunity to sit with uncomfortable feelings and have learned ways to keep cool as they moved through and beyond me. Read More

Ilona Hrebennikova, MAEd, MACP, RYT

San Francisco & Oakland • 510-984-4883
We all feel overwhelmed and helpless sometimes. In those moments, the challenges of life seem so big and we feel so small and lonely. You don’t have to be alone in this. I am committed to creating a safe, nurturing space for you to grow and become bigger than your issues and traumas, and to reclaim your power. I will meet you exactly where you are and we will move at your pace – gently challenging you. You will feel seen, heard, and cared for. In our work together I will be emotionally available, warm, open, non-judgmental and welcoming of any feedback. Read More

Chloe Lankshear, M.Ed, Ed.S

Alameda • 510-863-4452
If you are feeling tired and fed up of the way things are, and like you want change, but you’re not sure where to start or what to do differently, then we could be a good match. I’m a British therapist with a warm, compassionate, but also straightforward and solution-focused approach. We will work together as a team to get a good understanding, then I will work hard to help you gain clarity, different perspectives and new tools and solutions so you can find a positive way forward. Read More

Paul LeBars, MA

Paul LeBars, MA

Oakland • 510-488-4213
You’re not broken, though at times in life we can feel that way. It can be difficult, but reaching out for support is the first step to feeling like life is working again. I work with individuals and couples to help facilitate their process of living a fuller, deeper, more authentic, and balanced life, through Mindfulness Based and Somatic Psychotherapy. It’s an honor to sit with my clients and be a part of their journey. My approach to therapy is client based and mindfulness based, as well as warm. Read More

Brian Lim, MA, MPA

Brian Lim, MA, MPA

Oakland • 510-214-2088
I bring strength of dedication, honesty, and love to places of your humanity where it may not have existed before. Together, we will be exploring the richness of your life with real time in-the-moment experiences. This is to say that you can expect a respectful, yet robust playfulness with me. From here, a grounded joyfulness is often the result and a new and more meaningful future naturally arises. Hence, therapy is about your lasting and meaningful transformation… Read More

Masha Lisitsa, MA

Masha Lisitsa, MA

San Francisco • 415-868-4799
My approach is genuine, warm, empathic, and intuitive. I offer depth psychotherapy for adults, adolescents, and couples ranging from students, artists, and techies who desire to work on self-healing. I welcome individuals of all races, ethnicities, genders, and sexual orientations. I invite you to explore my webpage or contact me to see if working together feels like a good fit… Read More

Cyndi Lukk

Cyndi Lukk, MA

Oakland • 510-219-3931
I practice Somatic, Integral, and Nature based therapies, including Horse Therapy, with children, teens, couples, and adults. I specialize in working with anxiety, child abuse, grief & loss, sexual trauma, PTSD, and veterans. I work with people who have often felt broken and let down by the world and are longing for connection to a fulfilling, spiritual life… Read More

Michael MacLafferty

Michael MacLafferty, MA

Berkeley • 510-761-8477
You’ve done everything you can think of, looked at things from every possible angle. Things aren’t quite right… Maybe you feel like it’s your fault, and keep thinking about how things could have gone differently. Maybe you wonder if you have what it takes to make a change and find the things that bring fulfillment. Maybe you have lost something important to you. Everyone experiences periods of feeling lost and confused—and those are perfect opportunities to take a deeper look at things…Read More

Anna McDonald-Hamilton, MA

San Francisco • 415-841-3053
Have you experienced abuse or violence? Are you struggling with the aftermath these traumatic events are having on your life? Let me help you learn how to cope with your symptoms, create more stability and structure in your life, and move from surviving to thriving. I specialize in working with survivors of trauma, abuse, and violence, and have experience helping people who have survived these circumstances with rebuilding their lives. This often includes working through post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, panic attacks, depression, insomnia, anger, and other related issues… Read More

Justin McGahan, MA

Justin McGahan, MA

Oakland • 510-404-0068
Together we can explore what blocks your path to living at your full potential. I work in a warm, direct way that will help us demystify what might seem complicated or difficult. My practice is informed by mindfulness, meditation, and the natural world. I have experience in personal training, nutrition, and somatic-based therapy, which can be parts of my holistic, body-mind therapeutic approach… Read More

Janine Morris bio photo

Janine Morris, MA

Oakland & Santa Rosa • 510-995-6112
I offer holistic somatic therapy that is trauma informed and body-positive. My work involves collaborating to restore or create an inner sense of safety, peace and agency. I believe in cultivating kindness and inner compassion towards ourselves while also addressing any imbalances you may be experiencing, or places you are not fully realized in your life. I specialize in working with trauma/PTSD, injuries and accidents, body image issues, inner critic work, depression, anxiety, and life transitions… Read More

Megan Wright O'Connor MA

Meghan O’Connor, MA

San Francisco • 415-553-5540
Do your relationships cause you anxiety? Are you exhausted by life, rather than delighting in it? Are you working too hard in your friendships, in your family, at work, or in your romantic relationships? Do you expend large amounts of energy trying not to appear selfish or bad? Read More

Rocio Palomino, MA

Rocio Palomino, MA

Oakland • 925-698-7532
I am comfortable working with individuals who are dealing with a wide variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship issues, goal setting, disability and chronic pain. I work with individuals using a variety of modalities including, cognitive behavioral therapy, guided meditation, expressive arts therapy, authentic movement and ritual creation. Read More

Monica Ramil, MAMonica Ramil, MA

San Francisco • 415-741-0660
My style is one of warmth, curiosity and compassion. I hold therapy as a precious opportunity to reflect on one’s self in the supportive presence of another. I strive to provide therapeutic guidance that aligns with your individual needs. It is my hope that in working together, you begin to have clarity, feel empowered and have more intention around how you move through the world and your relationships. Read More

Val Reznik bio photo

Valera Reznik, MA

Berkeley • 510-301-5658
Sometimes trauma can be so difficult that part of the psyche splits off. This experience is sometimes referred to as soul loss. I use classic therapy as well as Hypnogression (a modern take on shamanic soul retrieval) to identify and resolve experiences that resulted in a splitting of our soul. Read More

Shelley M. Samuels, MS

San Francisco & Emeryville • 510-545-9218
Therapy is neither magic nor science, but I believe that therapy has the potential to be magical and transformative. I offer a warm, supportive environment to help individuals explore deep trauma as well as ordinary issues that impact daily life and long-term goals. I strive to inspire creativity through nature, and incorporate creative arts and somatic techniques into my practice. My special areas of interest include: LGBTQ issues/identity, healing survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, positive aging, body image, building long-term relationships and career counseling. Read More

Erika Shershun, MA

Sarah Sherertz, MA, LMFT, RYT

San Francisco • 415-570-9409
Whatever is happening for you right now, that’s where we’ll start. It all begins with wherever we’ve found ourselves at this moment, whether that is anxious, scared, humiliated, depressed, confused, heartbroken, misunderstood, or otherwise in some kind of pain we don’t know how to get out of on our own. I work with individuals, couples, and teens to create the kinds of internal shifts that result in meaningful and lasting change, stronger connections, and increased sense of, “I’ve got this.” Read More

Erika Shershun, MA

Erika Shershun, MA

San Francisco • 415-570-9409
I am dedicated to supporting your movement away from patterns you no longer desire, toward a fuller more satisfying self-actualization. I specialize in working with individuals and couples experiencing issues of low self-esteem, loss of connection, anxiety, depression, trauma, and oppression. Together we can strengthen your ability to create the life you envision… Read More

Lauren Smith, MA

Lauren Smith, MA

San Francisco • 415-851-5028
Change and growth are hard; sometimes growth doesn’t feel like growth at all. Instead of moving forward it might feel like moving backward. Sometimes we want to change something about ourselves. At other times we want to change something about a relationship in our lives. And sometimes we don’t want to change, but are forced into it by a life circumstance. Life is always changing and sometimes it just feels like too much to handle on our own. Read More

Leah Sykes

Leah Sykes, MA

Oakland • 510-984-6545
I support my clients in developing a felt sense of strength, calm and safety. Grounded in this felt sense, I trust that each person holds the capacity and drive to move toward well-being. I specialize in alleviating the anxiety of life transitions related to education, career and family. I work with couples and individuals of all genders and sexual orientations. Read More

Diana Teich, MA

San Francisco • 415-890-4507
I am warm, engaged and non-judgmental. I offer time, space, and support to unpack what is going on in your life and to be curious about your experience. Curiosity gets us out of the middle of our life stories to discover beliefs and parts of ourselves we’ve never seen before. This new awareness can bring more capacity for self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-care. The hope is to have more tools to respond to both life’s events and relationships that challenge
us. Read More

Brian Thompson, MA 

San Francisco • 415-579-2037
I am interested in aliveness. What is alive in you? Where are you stuck, and where is there flow? What parts of your life are hard and what parts are easy? There are natural, pervasive patterns and rhythms to life and we all live them differently. By tuning into your unique rhythm we can find ways to bring more ease and freedom to your relationships with yourself and others. I believe strongly in listening to the language of the body as well as the brain. I also believe in the importance of honoring all of your feelings; all parts are welcome. Read More

Traci Uchida, MA

Traci Uchida, MA

Oakland • 925-289-8633
I am committed to helping my clients take their personal growth into their own hands in order to reclaim their life and reconnect with their inner wisdom. Together we can work to find ways of living and relating that better serve you. My specialties include stress and anxiety, Asian American issues, self-esteem, life transitions, and family relationships. Read More

Ashley Warner, MA1

San Francisco • 415-993-0553
It can be hard to begin therapy.  When we experience a big loss or begin questioning things in our lives, it is hard to know who to trust.  Many of the people who come to see me are struggling with relationships. Often they are struggling to start or end relationships and feeling depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed.  I work with my clients to help them feel safe and comfortable communicating how they feel. Read More

Gesine Wenzel, MA

Gesine Wenzel, MA

Oakland • 510-306-2574
Healing from the trauma we have lived through and maybe are still living in can feel like one of those mountains you look at and they just seem impossible to climb. This is especially true in combination with the impact of everyday living in a society that oppresses many and privileges a few. And yet – if there is one thing that I have learned in my own healing process and in working with my clients it is that healing is possible. Read More

Eveline Wu, MA

North Oakland • 510-780-6960
Are you struggling in your relationship? I support couples who love each other but are now having painful arguments, or experiences of disconnection, to find their way back to flow, intimacy, connection, and improved communication. I support those who are working through impasses, or having intense conflicts. I bring a mind/body approach from somatic psychotherapy that is sensitive to cultural differences. Read More

Miranda York, MA

Oakland • 415-799-3730
Recent neuroscience confirms that we are all hard wired to heal,
given the right conditions. I work collaboratively and interactively to harness your innate healing capacity to assist you in going beyond symptom management to profound transformation. My practice is somatic and relational, and I specialize in working with couples as well as people who’ve experienced emotional, sexual, and physical trauma. Read More